A Well Hydrated Body

Is a Key Reason People Remain Healthy

A Dehydrated Body
Contributes to Chronic Illness and Poor Health


We all have a body for life. Dehydration creates major health problems for everyone. Doctors say good hydration is one of the most important ways we have good health.

AQUAS were invented to maintain good hydration health and help make dehydration recovery possible. Are you seldom thirsty when you really need to drink more water? Your body's signal to drink is misfiring. You are just not drinking enough water in a day.

AQUAS were developed to reprogram the thirst mechanism so that you drink more water. They contain a patented combination of herbal extracts, Bach Flower essences and and herbal extracts that are safe, non toxic and effective.

Help your body heal disease and maintain good health. Discover information about hydration you did not know. Recovery from dehydration is possible.